Joy Goff-Marcil knows that in turbulent times, our communities need trustworthy, local leadership they can count on. Since Joy was elected as our representative, she’s worked every day to maintain our trust and protect our right to home rule, because nobody knows what’s better for our district than the people who live in it.

Joy got her start in public service after being elected to the Maitland City Council, where she earned the respect of her fellow council members who selected her as vice mayor. Now, Joy has taken her commonsense approach to governing to Tallahassee, where she gives Central Floridians the voice we deserve in the State House.

As our representative, Joy has fought for our local priorities and gotten results. She’s stood up for our health care, our public schools, and our environment. But Joy knows we still have work left to do for everyday Floridians, especially as our economy continues to recover from the pandemic. As long as she’s representing us in Tallahassee, we can keep counting on Joy to:

  • Invest in public education: As a mother of public school students, Joy understands the importance of a quality education for our children. Joy will attract the best talent to our communities by continuing to fight for higher pay for teachers and prevent unaccountable, for-profit schools from receiving our tax dollars.

  • Protect our environment: We must keep fighting to protect our precious natural resources in Central Florida for future generations and guarantee that everyone has access to clean drinking water.

  • Prevent gun violence: Joy’s commonsense approach guides her view on gun safety . We’ve experienced far too much tragedy close to home to ignore the problem. Joy supports practical measures to limit gun violence and keep our communities safe.

  • Expand affordable health care: Gaps in health care across our nation and in our local community are stark. Joy believes hardworking families deserve health care that works for them. She’ll keep fighting to expand Medicaid to close coverage gaps and ensure we all have access to high-quality, low-cost care when we need it.

This November, bring Joy to the Senate.