Meet Joy

A lifelong Central Floridian with deep roots in our communities

Joy was raised in Central Florida, built her business here, and sent her kids to our public schools, so she knows how important it is for our state to make Florida work for everyone.

Joy learned the values of service and bringing communities together while growing up here in Central Florida. She joined her father’s law practice after graduating college, and later invested alongside her husband as he grew his small business. Together they built a family, and Joy proudly sent her kids to the same public schools that she attended.

A strong record of standing up for Central Florida values

As a Maitland City Council member, Joy helped our economy grow by removing excessive regulations that were holding small businesses back. Now, as your state representative in the Florida House, she fights every day to make Florida more affordable, take on corporate polluters, and fund our public schools.

Joy stands up for local control because nobody knows what’s better for our community than the people who live in it. As long as Joy is representing you in Tallahassee, you can keep counting on her to:

Protect our natural resources

Joy recognizes the need to protect Central Florida’s precious natural resources for future generations. This includes working to make sure our communities have clean water—and access to water, period.

Invest in public education

As the proud mother of public school students, Joy will continue to vote against charter schools so we can keep our local tax dollars for neighborhood public schools, pay educators a competitive salary, and keep class sizes small.

Make Florida more affordable

Joy knows that too many working families are priced out of our communities. In the state legislature, she’ll work to lower energy bills and get insurance rates under control. She’ll never vote for policies that raise taxes for Central Florida families.

This November, bring Joy to the Senate.