Normally, at this time in the race we would be doing everything in our power to knock on as many doors as possible sharing the importance of Keeping Joy in the House to all of our friends and family members. With these new moments, however, we understand the importance of keeping our distance, which is why we are launching #SpreadJoySundays!

Even though we must remain distant, having important conversations with our neighbors is vital to ensuring we Keep Joy in the house! We must be reaching out to people in these moments, ensuring they are heard as well as having the resources to cast an informed, safe vote this upcoming November.

With Spread Joy Sundays, it is our goal to meet for two hours to reach out to our HD-30 neighbors and replace what would have been a flurry of canvassers sharing a message had we not experienced COVID-19. It is important that now, we adapt, and that is why we have started this event.

Our first Phone Bank, which will take place on 06.14.2020, will be taking place on Zoom from 3:00 – 5:00. Even if you can not dedicate yourself to the entirety of the event, we hope you may be able to make it for a few calls! There will be training provided for first timers, and resources available for those who may need some help getting started. 

This is meant to be a fun event! Dress comfortably, bring a smile, and get ready to Spread Joy!

Click Here to Register for Spread Joy Sunday!