Small Business


A legislative and family history of fighting in favor of small businesses

Small Business

Of Special Concern to Me …

We are in unprecedented times as small business owners because of Covid19.  We don’t know what is going to happen.  Will the federal or state or county loans we choose help us save our livelihoods?  Will we find a way to be innovative if just for the short-term?  Will we have to choose loans that we have to repay, and what happens if we lose our small businesses?  Are we on the hook for this loan?  And have the loans truly benefited only small businesses?

I know the concerns because my parents, siblings, spouse and I have owned or currently own small businesses including law practices, a psychologist practice, a family medical practice, a restaurant, and a corporate filing business. 

I have always believed in small businesses.  They create jobs and drive innovation.  When I served in local government, I helped streamline the permitting process for small businesses and encouraged city staff to work closely with small businesses to help make it less expensive for them to launch and sustain growth.  

As your current state representative, I have requested a Special Session to address the major concerns we are all facing because of Covid19.  My office has fielded and continues to field hundreds of calls to assist with small business loans and with unemployment claims.  I do not think our state has handled the impact of Covid19 on our economy well.

How I’ve Used My Voice …

While I continue to support our tourism and hospitality industry especially in this time of Covid19, I have used my voice to promote the diversification of our Central Florida economy.  We are home to many incubators and small business professional associations as well as resource groups.  We also are home to many minority-owned small businesses.  I think we need to continue to expand state support and education for district 30 entrepreneurs to launch and grow their small businesses and fulfill their dreams.  Covid19 has brought home to us the great need to innovate and encourage creative ways to adapt our businesses.

How I Would Use My Vote …

If re-elected, I would sponsor and support legislation that saves small businesses and holds accountable the state funding programs.  We are lacking transparency, readiness and accountability.