Affordable Health Care


Too many Floridians do not have access to affordable healthcare.

Affordable Health Care

The Coronavirus pandemic shows us how interconnected we are and how necessary health care access is for each and every one of us.

Time and time again, Florida has refused to use federal money to expand Medicaid, which would provide insurance coverage to 800,000 people. Let me be clear – I fully support expanding our medicaid program to cover these individuals. .

I have heard about the struggles of so many people in our community who earn too much money for Medicaid but not enough money to pay for health insurance. This includes children who often go uninsured when their parents aren’t able to find affordable healthcare.  

The coronavirus has shown us that we simply cannot gamble with public health. As so many Floridians face unemployment and our small businesses struggle, many more of us live with the fear that we are one health crisis away from homelessness.

I know my family struggles. It’s why I pledge to vote to expand Medicaid and provide affordable healthcare to more Floridians at the earliest opportunity. We can’t afford to keep ignoring this issue and its costs.

Working with our Hospitals and Healthcare Professionals …

Too often in the time of Covid19 and before, preventative care for those without healthcare coverage becomes the responsibility of our emergency and hospital healthcare workers.  This drives up costs for hospitals and patients.  By addressing the issue of affordable healthcare solutions now, we can lower the toll on suffering and create more economic solutions.  I believe this starts by working together and with our healthcare community to provide increased coverage and access to preventative care. We save lives and money by providing access to affordable preventative care.

Standing up for Mental Health …

If we’re going to be successful at addressing the many mental health issues facing Floridians, then we need to approach it from an angle of science and public health – just like we would with any other healthcare issue. 

Of Special Concern to Me …

Covid19 is highlighting the disparities in access to affordable healthcare and healthy lifestyles.  We are seeing more cases disproportionate to the population in Hispanic and Black American communities.  It is time we extend equity of treatment to all of us.